Dermot O’Leary, the well-known television presenter, made a shocking revelation during an appearance on the talk show “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross.” O’Leary recounted a physical assault he experienced simply for being “the guy on TV.” The incident occurred when he was mistaken for someone else, and things took a violent turn.

During the interview, O’Leary discussed his height and how it affected his confidence growing up. Despite being perceived as tall, he revealed that he is only five foot nine, which he considers a reasonable height. O’Leary has a certain charm and charisma reminiscent of Steve McQueen and early Michael Caine.

In addition to discussing his personal life, O’Leary spoke about his new show on BBC One called “The Railway.” The show features a knockout competition for 20 young athletes from various disciplines. Mentored by Colin Jackson and Sally Gunnell, the contestants undergo a series of events in Austria, where the mentors decide who gets sent home. The show has a reality twist, making it quite engaging for viewers.

Apart from this show, O’Leary also talked about his involvement with the SAS-themed show, “SAS: Are You Tough Enough?” The show, which aired on BBC Two last year, is set to return with two more live series. O’Leary is excited for the upcoming series, especially the one set in the Arctic, as it promises to be thrilling and intense.

During the interview, Jonathan Ross brought up O’Leary’s role as the host of “Big Brother’s Little Brother,” the spin-off show from the popular reality television program. O’Leary expressed his fondness for the show, as it allows him to showcase his own personality and make it unique. Despite the show’s divisive nature, O’Leary enjoys the live aspects and putting his own spin on it.

The conversation then turned to the controversial aspects of “Big Brother,” particularly regarding teenagers engaging in intimate activities. O’Leary defended the show, stating that the participants were adults and made their own decisions. He mentioned that the show is considered an educational program and that the producers have the power to edit out certain content.

Throughout the interview, O’Leary displayed his lively and charismatic personality, captivating the audience. He also discussed his experiences working with the SAS and his admiration for their toughness and dedication.

Overall, O’Leary’s appearance on “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” was entertaining and full of interesting insights. His various television projects demonstrate his versatility as a presenter, and he continues to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.