In a recent episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, comedian and actor David Spade made an appearance, along with actress Laura Dern. The episode was filled with laughter, amusing anecdotes, and exciting announcements.

Ellen, the renowned host of the talk show, kicked off the show with her signature warmth and charm, thanking the audience for their support. She then introduced David Spade, one of her longtime friends, who has shared many onstage moments with her in the past.

David Spade entertained the audience with a hilarious story about accidentally receiving a phone call from someone who had dialed his number by mistake. As he described the situation, the audience couldn’t help but laugh along with him. Spade’s comedic timing and delivery had everyone in stitches.

Not one to shy away from humorous observations, Spade continued to entertain the audience with his musings on cell phones and technology. He expressed his bemusement at people using hands-free headsets, noting that it seemed like something straight out of a science fiction movie. Spade humorously pondered the possibility of surgically implanting phones into our bodies in the future, jokingly suggesting that we might have earpieces in our ears and chips on our shoulders to make calls.

The episode also featured Laura Dern, an immensely talented actress known for her roles in numerous films. Dern discussed her latest project, a film called “We Don’t Live Here Anymore,” which she highly recommended to the audience. Her enthusiasm for the film was palpable, and Ellen and the audience were eager to check it out after her glowing review.

During the show, Ellen revealed that it was Ray Charles’ birthday and paid tribute to the legendary musician by gifting the audience members with copies of his new CD, “Genius Loves Company,” featuring duets with various artists.

Ellen also took a moment to address the recent hurricanes in the Southeast and urged viewers to support the American Red Cross as well as Noah’s Wish, a charity that helps animals left without shelter and food in the aftermath of natural disasters.

In an exciting announcement, Ellen shared that a cherished audience member named Charlotte Kitty Pope would be featured on a future episode. The anticipation was palpable as the crowd eagerly counted down the days until Kitty’s appearance.

The talk show host also took a moment to touch on an amusing incident involving a phone number mix-up. She called Doug Jarmin, a man whose office furniture business had been inundated with calls from people seeking Ellen tickets. Ellen presented Doug and his daughter Denise with a gift basket and an answering machine she had personally customized with a message diverting callers to the correct ticket number.

As the show wrapped up, Ellen welcomed back David Spade for a lively chat. The audience couldn’t contain their excitement as they reminisced about their early days of performing stand-up comedy together. Their camaraderie and shared memories were evident, making for an engaging and entertaining conversation.

The episode was a whirlwind of laughter, celebrity guests, and heartfelt moments. It showcased the incredible talent of David Spade and Laura Dern while highlighting Ellen Degeneres‘ unparalleled ability to connect with her audience. It was a testament to the enduring popularity and success of The Ellen Degeneres Show, a program beloved by fans worldwide.

Originally aired on September 23, 2004