On a recent episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, actor Nicolas Cage made a memorable appearance to discuss his latest film, which is currently in theaters. In a hilarious and lively conversation, Cage shared his excitement and congratulated the film’s success.

For those who may not be familiar, the film follows the story of a character named Sarah, portrayed by the brilliant Karen Gillen. Sarah discovers that she is dying of an incurable disease and lives in a time where cloning oneself is a possibility. To help her family mourn her eventual loss, she decides to clone herself. However, Sarah soon learns that she is no longer dying and requests her clone’s termination. But here’s the catch – the clone refuses to be terminated, leading to a duel between them to the death.

In this family comedy, Cage plays the character Trent, who helps Sarah prepare for the duel. When asked about fighting his own clone, Cage enthusiastically states that he would love to do it. He believes it would be an absolute blast, showcasing his signature charm and infectious energy.

During the interview, the conversation takes a quirky turn as Corden brings up Cage’s collection of pets, which includes a crow, a Maine cat, turtles, and a Pomeranian. The audience was surprised to learn that Cage and his wife are expecting a baby, and Corden playfully inquires about the challenges of having all these animals in the same house with a newborn. Cage admits his concerns but adds a humorous twist by sharing an amusing anecdote about his crow, Hoogan, who occasionally calls him an “ass.” With his characteristic humor, Cage jokes about training the baby to sing or teaching the crow to perform nursery rhymes to alleviate potential disruptions.

The conversation takes another delightful turn as Corden asks Cage about his wife, who is Japanese. Cage reveals that he doesn’t speak much Japanese, except for a playful song he sings to the chef at a local Japanese restaurant called Osaka. The song goes “udong, oh dang,” which means happy. The chef then brings them udon and odin soup, and everyone is happy. The audience joins in the laughter and enjoyment of this lighthearted exchange.

Although this particular scene did not make it into Cage’s film, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, it remains a memorable and delightful moment during his appearance on The Late Late Show. Cage’s infectious energy and humorous anecdotes kept the audience entertained and eagerly anticipating his next projects.

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