The Late Late Show with James Corden never fails to entertain its audience with its lively conversations and hilarious banter. In a recent episode, James Corden and Jessica Biel engaged in a friendly debate about British candy versus American candy.

The conversation started with James expressing his excitement about Jessica Biel‘s new show called “Candy.” However, James soon realized that the show wasn’t actually about candy, but it still piqued his interest. He confessed his love for candy and declared that American candy is inferior to British candy.

Jessica, on the other hand, disagreed with James’s opinion. She believed that British candy is fantastic and wonderful. James challenged her to name five good American candies, and the banter heated up. The conversation became a light-hearted debate about the quality of candies in the UK versus the US.

While James argued that American chocolate is subpar compared to British chocolate, Jessica defended the exceptional taste of British chocolate bars like KitKat and Snickers. Their witty exchange left the audience in splits.

But, as the banter concluded, James reminded everyone that it was time to get back to work and deliver the news. The show transitioned into discussing current events, such as rising gasoline prices and a local water shortage in Southern California.

The hosts even took a dig at Donald Trump, joking about his alleged inquiry into whether China had a secret “hurricane gun” capable of launching man-made hurricanes. They also lightly mocked the discontinuation of the iPod, reminiscing about the early days of portable music devices.

The Late Late Show always finds a way to blend humor and entertainment with current news. The hosts’ chemistry and playful banter are enough to keep the audience captivated. Whether they’re debating about candies or poking fun at political events, James Corden and his guests always deliver a dose of laughter and entertainment that makes the show a must-watch.

In conclusion, the British candy versus American candy debate was just another hilarious segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden. While James Corden argued that American candy is inferior, Jessica Biel staunchly defended the exceptional taste of British candy. Their lively banter, along with the show’s ability to seamlessly deliver news and comedy, makes The Late Late Show a must-see for all entertainment enthusiasts.

(Note: The air date of the mentioned episode was not provided.)