The chat show world was rocked recently when Guillermo Rodriguez, the beloved security guard from Jimmy Kimmel Live, made a hilarious appearance at the Oscars. The transcript of Guillermo’s time on stage is pure comedy gold, highlighting his quick wit and infectious charm.

From the moment he walked on stage, Guillermo had the audience in stitches. When asked about his outfit, he humorously compared his Dolce & Gabbana attire to his co-host’s Target ensemble. The banter continued as the conversation turned to Guillermo’s career as an actor, with his favorite “private parts” becoming a punchline that had everyone laughing.

Guillermo’s playful energy remained throughout his time on stage. He playfully teased celebrities, asking them funny and sometimes bizarre questions. From joking about Apple customer service to planning a party at Jimmy Kimmel‘s house, Guillermo’s comedic timing was on point. His interactions with stars like Margot Robbie, Emma Stone, and Ryan Gosling had the audience in stitches.

But it wasn’t all laughs and jokes. Guillermo’s genuine adoration for his co-host was evident as he expressed his love and gratitude for their friendship. The tequila shot they shared on stage added a touch of warmth and sincerity to the lighthearted atmosphere.

This memorable moment from Jimmy Kimmel Live showcased Guillermo’s infectious personality and reminded viewers why he is a fan favorite. His ability to bring humor and genuine kindness to the stage made the Oscars even more entertaining.

As fans eagerly await the next hilarious moment from Guillermo, one thing is for sure – his presence on Jimmy Kimmel Live will continue to make late-night talk shows an absolute joy to watch. So, stay tuned for more laughter and comedic gold from this beloved security guard.

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