During a recent episode of Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, Conan, Busy Philipps revealed a fascinating story about her labor experience and the inspiration behind her daughter’s unique name. The chat show host engaged in a lively conversation with the actress, diving into the details of her unusual labor hallucination.

Busy Philipps, who is known for her roles in various television shows, has always been open about her life and experiences. Conan O’Brien, with his charismatic and engaging manner, creates a comfortable space for celebrities to share interesting anecdotes. During this particular interview, Philipps recounted the events leading up to her daughter’s birth and the surprising connection to the hit TV series, Mad Men.

While discussing her daughter’s name, Birdie, Conan expressed his curiosity about the uncommon choice. Busy explained that she and her husband brainstormed numerous potential names, but it wasn’t until their last month of pregnancy that they stumbled upon the perfect one. As fate would have it, they decided to watch the first season of Mad Men during this period.

Intriguingly, the show’s main character, Don Draper, affectionately referred to his wife as Birdie throughout the first season. As Busy and her husband delved into the captivating world of Mad Men, they found themselves captivated by the name and its association with the character. Consequently, the name Birdie became the clear favorite for their soon-to-be-born daughter.

As the interview progressed, Busy Philipps delved into the details of her labor experience. She opted for a natural birth and shared her perspective on women’s choices during childbirth. According to Busy, she believes in women having the option to choose pain relief, although she chose to forgo it herself. She humorously acknowledged the intensity of childbirth and how it can be a traumatic experience for husbands as well.

Philipps then revealed the most extraordinary part of her labor journey—her vivid hallucinations. In the midst of labor pains, she began experiencing hallucinations that transported her into the world of Mad Men. She described a particular moment where she felt as if she had entered the Sterling Cooper boardroom from the show. Her husband recounted how she seemed to vanish before his eyes during these episodes.

In this hallucination, Busy Philipps found herself surrounded by the characters from Mad Men, including Pete Campbell and the iconic Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm. In the midst of her labor, her mind weaved a scenario where Pete doubted her ability to endure, while Don Draper reassured her of her strength. This peculiar experience left Philipps feeling even more connected to the name Birdie and solidified her decision.

Throughout the interview, the audience and Conan O’Brien couldn’t help but express their amazement at this truly extraordinary labor story. It’s not often that childbirth hallucinations transport someone directly into a beloved television series, making Busy Philipps‘ account all the more fascinating.

In the end, Busy Philipps successfully navigated childbirth and welcomed her daughter, Birdie, into the world. The interview served as a delightful insight into the actress’s personal life and offered a unique glimpse into the inspiration behind her daughter’s name. Conan O’Brien, with his exceptional interviewing skills, ensured that the conversation was engaging and entertaining.

As always, Conan O’Brien creates a vibrant atmosphere on his talk show, inviting celebrities to share their intriguing stories and connect with the audience. The remarkable tale of Busy Philipps and her Mad Men-inspired labor hallucination is yet another example of the delightful surprises that can emerge during late-night television interviews.