In a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel entertained his audience with his usual humor and witty remarks. The talk show host covered a range of topics, from college basketball to the Los Angeles Dodgers drama.

Kimmel started off by joking about the NCAA tournament, mentioning how Gonzaga and MCN State played despite the lack of evidence that these schools actually exist. He then shifted gears to the Dodgers and their $700 Million Man, sh Otani. Kimmel revealed that Otani‘s translator had been fired for allegedly stealing his money to cover gambling debts. The concern was raised about whether the translator had been betting on baseball with the stolen money.

Moving on, Kimmel touched on the latest update regarding the whereabouts of Kate Middleton. A spokesperson for Kensington Palace clarified that Middleton had been working from home, which resulted in Kimmel’s humorous speculation about a princess working from home.

The conversation then took an interesting turn as Kimmel discussed Donald Trump‘s money problems. The billionaire was reportedly struggling to come up with a $464 million bond to cover a judgment against him in New York. Bond companies were hesitant to loan him such a large sum, leading to concerns that Trump might resort to taking money from a foreign country, which could pose a national security risk if he became president.

Kimmel didn’t stop there; he delved into the realm of politics by discussing Trump’s search for a running mate. He mentioned that Trump was considering 15 potential candidates and would have them audition at his rallies and campaign events. The list included names like Alise Stonic, Tim Scott, Tulsy Gabard, and even the late Dr. Ben Carson, whom Kimmel humorously referred to as a sleeper candidate.

The talk show host also highlighted some of the funny interactions between Trump and Florida Senator Marco Rubio during the Republican primary debates. Kimmel played clips where Rubio called Trump “Little Marco” and Trump retaliated with jabs about Rubio’s small hands.

Kimmel then shifted focus to some recent news in Alabama, where a bill was passed to ban diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in public schools and universities. The bill also required universities to eliminate gender-neutral bathrooms. Kimmel humorously commented on the sponsor of the bill, whose last name is Barfoot, joking about his anti-reading stance.

As the segment came to an end, Kimmel shared a collection of odd Jesus pictures that had been circulating on Facebook. From Jesus in a helicopter to Jesus as a shrimp, Kimmel playfully remarked on the peculiar images. The highlight was a surprise visit from “Crab Jesus,” a fictional representation of Jesus as a crab, much to the amusement of the audience.

As always, Jimmy Kimmel Live provided an entertaining and humorous experience for viewers, delivering laughs and light-hearted commentary on the latest news and happenings.