During a recent episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Stormy Daniels made a fiery appearance on the witness stand at the Manhattan District Courthouse. Facing intense cross-examination from Trump’s attorneys, Daniels held her ground, countering their attempts to discredit her. As a seasoned performer, Stormy was certainly no stranger to the spotlight.

Trump’s legal team focused on attacking Daniels’ social media posts and merchandise sales to portray her as a money-grubbing, dishonest operator. However, Stormy didn’t let them get under her skin. In fact, she seized the opportunity to promote her own merchandise, jokingly suggesting that everyone should buy her “God Bless America” Bible.

One of Trump’s attorneys tried to undermine Stormy’s credibility by insinuating that, as a porn star, she was well-versed in creating fictional stories about sex. But Stormy swiftly shut him down, asserting that the sex depicted in adult films is very much real. She even quipped that if the story of her night with Trump had been invented, she would have scripted it to be far more compelling.

In addition to her courtroom battle, Daniels has been making headlines for breaking her non-disclosure agreement and publicly discussing her time with Trump. Trump’s camp accused her of breach of contract, but Stormy defended her decision, stating that no one would willingly confess to having had sex with the former president.

While Trump dealt with his legal woes, he managed to find time between court appearances to host a special dinner at Mar-a-Lago. The event was exclusively for buyers of his NFT trading cards, which he previously sold featuring bizarre and exaggerated images of himself. Attendees of the dinner were even lucky enough to receive physical cards with pieces of the suit and tie that Trump wore when he was arrested in Georgia. It seems Trump’s love for self-promotion knows no bounds.

On a different note, there was a buzz on Capitol Hill as House Speaker Mike Johnson faced a vote of confidence to determine his fate. Thanks to the support of 63 Democrats, Johnson successfully retained his position. However, he drew criticism for introducing an “Election Integrity Bill” aimed at preventing non-citizens from voting in federal elections. Critics argued that this was unnecessary since it was already a crime for non-citizens to vote in such elections. One could say that Johnson’s proposed legislation was redundant, akin to a first draft of the Ten Commandments with unnecessary commandments.

In a surprising turn of events, news broke that Paramount, the entertainment behemoth, might be up for sale. If Sony Entertainment and the finance group Apollo acquire Paramount, they plan to break it up, auctioning off cable channels like MTV and the Paramount Plus streaming service. Paramount’s potential breakup has sparked concern among fans, as the studio has always been associated with a mountain of entertainment, not scattered piles of amusement.

Meanwhile, the biggest story in politics revolves around brainworms, specifically independent candidate RFK Jr’s shocking admission that a worm had invaded his brain, consumed a portion of it, and eventually died. This revelation has caused quite a stir and has been met with both humor and concern. RFK Jr responded to the widespread attention by jokingly offering to eat five more brainworms during a debate with President Trump and President Biden. Clearly, RFK Jr doesn’t quite grasp the concept of brainworms, but his quirky response has garnered attention nonetheless.

As always, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” continues to be a source of entertaining and unpredictable moments. With guests like Desi Lydic from “The Daily Show” and Ryan Doulling taking the Colbert questionnaire, viewers can expect more laughter and surprises in the episodes to come.