In a recent episode of the popular talk show “David Letterman,” host David Letterman and his sidekick Paul had quite the mishap involving an eclipse. During the episode, they discussed the upcoming lunar eclipse and even provided a simulation for viewers who wouldn’t be able to see it due to bad weather. The simulation showed the Earth coming between the sun and the moon, casting a shadow and creating a spectacular visual effect.

However, the lunar eclipse wasn’t the only celestial event on discussion. The duo also talked about a recent solar eclipse that had occurred in parts of Africa and Asia. Letterman humorously mentioned how he would have been taken by surprise if he had been in one of those areas, forgetting all about the eclipse until it happened. In a funny clip shown on the show, people were seen getting surprised by the solar eclipse, wondering where the sun had gone and expressing their shock at the strange phenomenon.

Amidst all the eclipse talk, Letterman and Paul took a moment to showcase a commercial they had recently filmed for a cough medicine. With Letterman suffering from a cold, the duo debated whether he should take DayQuil or NyQuil to combat his symptoms. Letterman’s solution? EclipQuil, a special medicine designed specifically for times when darkness descends briefly due to an eclipse. The commercial, which was equal parts silly and amusing, left the audience laughing.

Following the commercial, the conversation shifted back to the lunar eclipse. Letterman described how the Earth gets between the sun and the moon, resulting in the Earth casting its shadow on the moon. He emphasized that the eclipse was a sight to behold and urged those who had missed it to watch the recreation that would be presented on the show. To the audience’s delight, the talk show recreated the lunar eclipse with the help of Tony Mendes and his Q cards, providing an entertaining and awe-inspiring experience.

Although the air date of this particular episode was not provided, it is evident that the eclipse mishap brought a delightful and comedic twist to the show. “David Letterman” continues to captivate viewers with its lively conversations, hilarious sketches, and unexpected moments that make for an incredibly entertaining talk show experience.