Gabrielle Union made a recent appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, and it was full of fun and surprises. From reminiscing about their first meeting to discussing their love for Janet Jackson, this interview was a delightful treat for fans.

Gabrielle Union started by mentioning that she and Ellen had actually met years ago at a club called Tommy Te’s. They had a brief meet and greet session, and Gabrielle was thrilled that Ellen had been so nice to her and her friends. Ellen, on the other hand, jokingly suggested that Gabrielle and her friends were actually stalking her in the parking lot. The banter between the two was lively and entertaining.

The conversation then moved on to their respective acting careers. Gabrielle mentioned that she had been on the hit show Friends a couple of seasons ago, playing the first African-American love interest. Ellen humorously referred to Gabrielle as the “Rosa Parks of must-see TV.” The two continued to share laughs as they discussed the longevity and impact of Friends.

Their paths seemed to keep crossing, as Gabrielle and Ellen discovered that they were featured in the same issue of InStyle magazine for Mother’s Day. Gabrielle proudly showed off a photo of her and her mother, while Ellen introduced her mom Teresa to the audience. Gabrielle jokingly imitated her mother’s style of leaving distinct voicemail messages, mimicking her saying, “Gabrielle, it’s your mom, Teresa Union.” The playful conversation between Gabrielle and Ellen showcased their great chemistry.

But the highlight of the interview came when Gabrielle revealed her obsession with Janet Jackson. She confessed that she loved Janet’s music and believed that starting her day with Janet’s songs would guarantee a great day. Gabrielle even shared a funny incident where she had dressed up like Janet for an audition, only to find out that Janet Jackson herself was present. It was a fan-girl moment gone awry, but Gabrielle could see the humor in the situation. Ellen chimed in, revealing her own obsession with Tito Jackson, creating laughter among the audience.

The interview wrapped up with Gabrielle discussing her latest movie, Breaking All the Rules. She explained that the film revolves around a character who gets dumped in a terrible way and decides to write a book to help others handle breakups. As the plot unfolds, hilarity ensues. Gabrielle had a blast working on the film, especially because she shares a great rapport with co-star Jamie Foxx.

Overall, this interview was a lighthearted and enjoyable exchange between Gabrielle Union and Ellen Degeneres on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Their playful banter and shared love for Janet Jackson made for a lively and entertaining conversation. Fans of Gabrielle Union and the talk show will surely appreciate this fun-filled interview.

Originally aired on May 11, 2004