In a recent episode of the popular talk show hosted by David Letterman, the audience got to witness some hilarious moments and engage in the usual comedic banter.

One of the segments featured in this episode was the CBS Mailbag, where Letterman and his sidekick Biff Henderson read viewer mail and interact with the audience. Each week, they announce the hometown of a featured letter, and Biff is tasked with locating it on a map and marking it with a colorful push pin. Each correct city earns Biff five points, and at the end of the evening, the total points are tallied.

The first letter from a viewer named David M. from New York City requested Dave’s expertise in turning his letter into a joke. Biff easily located the city and earned an easy five points. But what caught everyone’s attention was a special request hidden within the letter. David asked if someone could “kick the crap out of Alan Kalter“, who happens to be the show’s announcer. With a mischievous grin, Dave called out Allen and jokingly offered to fulfill the viewer’s request. Although the situation got a little tense, calm was ultimately restored, leaving everyone in stitches.

Another letter came in from Paul in Toronto, Canada, asking Dave about his ideal superpower. Biff quickly located Toronto on the map, earning another set of five points. Dave’s response to the letter revealed his desire for superhuman strength. The conversation then drifted to the brand new Spider-Man movie, which had just premiered in New York City that day. Dave expressed his excitement about the film and even aired a commercial promoting it.

The next letter, sent by Anne Peterson from Fremont, Nebraska, asked if Dave had ever sought shelter from a tornado. Unfortunately, Biff struggled to locate Fremont on the map, causing a moment of uncertainty. However, when he finally found it, the audience erupted in applause, giving Biff a much-needed confidence boost. Dave then used the opportunity to address the seriousness of tornadoes and their devastating impact.

The final letter came all the way from Joey Bogden in Victoria, Australia, who inquired if any of the crew members had ever appeared in a music video. Biff once again showed off his map skills and marked Victoria on the map, earning another five points. Dave’s response was a resounding “no” but not without a hilarious segue into discussing the success of the Osbourne show on MTV. This led to the revelation of a new show concept called the “Letterman,” a comedic take on the Osbournes.

All in all, this episode provided everything fans love about the talk show format: humor, audience interaction, and unexpected surprises. With Biff’s successful city location streak and Dave’s comedic brilliance, the episode turned out to be a perfect blend of entertainment and laughter. Can’t wait to see what other shenanigans will unfold on future episodes of the David Letterman Talk Show.