In a recent episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Liam Gallagher and John Squire sat down for a full interview, and it was an entertaining and lively conversation. Host Jonathan Ross welcomed the two rock legends back to the show with applause, expressing his excitement about their latest album hitting number one on the charts.

The conversation quickly delved into how their partnership came about. Liam revealed that during rehearsals, he hadn’t seen John for ages and asked him what he had been up to. John mentioned that he had been writing some tunes, and Liam, impressed with his voice, decided to write with him in mind. The chemistry and creative flow between them were apparent, and they ended up working together fluidly.

Jonathan probed further into their working relationship, asking if they were always on the same page. Liam joked about John looking out for the girls, but they both assured Jonathan that they had a great understanding and that their collaboration was a natural fit.

The conversation took a light-hearted turn as Liam and John playfully bantered back and forth. They spoke about John living on a farm and Liam’s fascination with the numerous animals he encountered there, even joking about his hiking boot and calling his dog, Buttons, in a high-pitched voice. Their dynamic on the show was entertaining and genuine, showcasing their camaraderie and infectious personalities.

Jonathan posed a thought-provoking question, asking them about what it was like to be part of successful bands that eventually disbanded. Both Liam and John shared how they channeled their creative energy into new projects after their respective bands ended. Liam spoke about his admiration for John’s band, the Stone Roses, and how their music had a lasting impact on him.

Throughout the interview, the atmosphere was filled with laughter and reminiscing. Liam and John’s chemistry was undeniable, and it was evident that they had a deep appreciation for each other’s talent and contribution to the music industry. They also discussed their love for animals, with John sharing stories about his sheep and Liam talking about his rescue dog, Buttons.

The interview ended on a sentimental note as Liam and John opened up about their relationships with their siblings. Liam admitted that working with his brothers had its challenges, and he could understand why people were curious about his current relationship with his brother Noel. However, he assured everyone that he was having a great time and that there were no immediate plans for a reunion.

As the interview concluded, it was clear that Liam Gallagher and John Squire‘s chat on The Jonathan Ross Show was a memorable and entertaining conversation. Their chemistry, wit, and musical talents were on full display, offering fans and viewers an engaging and lively experience.

Overall, this episode of The Jonathan Ross Show featuring Liam Gallagher and John Squire was a must-watch for music lovers and fans of these rock legends. With their new album reaching number one and their infectious personalities shining through, it’s safe to say that Liam and John’s interview was a hit.