On a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, comedian Todd Barry made his debut appearance with a hilarious stand-up routine. Barry, known for his dry wit and deadpan delivery, had the audience in stitches as he talked about New York apartments and his pet cat.

Living in the Big Apple, Barry explained how his apartment building charges him an extra $50 a month simply because he owns a cat. He jokingly referred to it as a spiteful pet fee, implying that the building management wanted to penalize him for having a pet. In his signature dry humor, Barry described his interaction with the leasing office, where he was asked if he lived alone. When he mentioned his cat, the leasing agent jokingly referred to the pet as something as big as a toaster. Barry cleverly added that he also had a toaster, extending the comedic banter.

Barry then shared an amusing anecdote about trying to move into a fancy building. He had to fill out a lengthy application, which hilariously included a request for a photo of his cat. Barry jokingly questioned if they thought he was lying about having a cat and expressed his amusement at the idea of going online to find a cat picture to meet their demands.

Further showcasing his comedic genius, Barry touched upon the unexpected responsibilities of being a pet owner. He referenced an incident where his vet advised him to brush his cat’s teeth regularly. Barry lightheartedly confessed that if he had known about this requirement beforehand, he might have thought twice about getting a cat in the first place. In a comical twist, he mentioned searching YouTube for tutorials on brushing a cat’s teeth but found them unhelpful, featuring relaxed cats and expensive equipment.

Switching gears, Barry threw in an additional joke about the growing popularity of cat cafes. He humorously compared a Swedish cat cafe with only six cats to the notion that it was just a regular non-cat cafe with a few feline guests. The audience roared with laughter at his unique perspective on cat-filled establishments.

To wrap up his stand-up set, Barry shared a funny experience he had while shopping for cat treats on Amazon. He stumbled upon a one-star review for a particular treat that read, “My cat didn’t like this.” The comedian hilariously imagined the disappointed cat owner seeking revenge by vowing to bankrupt the treat company, promising to try a different brand and crushing the failed treats.

Todd Barry‘s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was an absolute hit, leaving the audience in stitches. His dry humor and clever punchlines provided for an entertaining night of comedy. If you need a good laugh, be sure to catch Todd Barry‘s comedy special, “Domestic Shorthair,” available on YouTube now.