Conan O’Brien recently had a fascinating and lively interaction with a fan on his talk show. During the segment, Conan noticed that the fan had a unique hairstyle and jokingly commented on it. But that wasn’t the only intriguing thing about this fan. Conan also noticed that the fan was drinking from a cup that resembled a human skull, adding an element of mystery to the conversation.

As the conversation continued, Conan couldn’t help but ask more questions about the fan’s appearance. He observed that the fan’s hair was dyed in various colors, including bright orange and black. The fan explained that their hair was their natural color, with the different shades representing their personal style.

But the surprises didn’t end there. Behind the fan, there was a skull prominently displayed in the background. The fan’s black shirt and black fingernails added to the gothic aesthetic. Conan playfully asked if the fan was a Satanist and if that was their profession. The fan responded with a lighthearted perspective on Satanism, leading to an entertaining exchange between them and Conan.

The conversation then took an unexpected turn when Conan discovered that the fan was actually a phlebotomist, someone who extracts blood for medical purposes. The fan shared their interest in blood disorders and how their job involves conducting blood tests. Conan, always the comedian, joked about the fan’s involvement with blood and engaged in a humorous conversation about his own experiences with getting blood drawn.

Curiosity didn’t stop there, as Conan delved into the fan’s hobbies. The fan revealed that they were part of a metal band with their brother, where they served as the scream vocalist. Conan was intrigued and even encouraged the fan to give a small sample of their screaming talents. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the scream couldn’t be fully captured on the recording, but the fan suggested checking out their band’s music videos on YouTube.

All in all, this interaction between Conan O’Brien and his fan provided an entertaining and lively segment on his talk show. From the fan’s unique appearance to their intriguing profession and musical talents, the conversation showcased the diversity and fascination found within Conan’s fan base.