In a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, British inventor and entrepreneur James Dyson made quite the impression. Known worldwide for making the vacuum cleaner sexy, Dyson has now launched a new hair dryer that has everyone buzzing.

Colbert wasted no time in addressing one of Dyson’s previous inventions – the hand dryers. Colbert jokingly complained about the design flaw where the dryer leaves his fingers wet after scraping off the water from his hands. Dyson accepted the apology graciously, highlighting the fact that he flew all the way from London just to hear Colbert’s complaint.

But the conversation quickly shifted to Dyson’s journey from art school to becoming a renowned engineer. Dyson started off studying architecture but soon realized that engineering was more fascinating, thanks to the inspiration he found in American architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller. He immersed himself in the world of engineering and eventually landed a job at an engineering company, where he learned the inventing process.

Dyson’s first major success came with the design of a high-speed landing craft, despite having no prior knowledge of boats or glass fiber. The craft sold hundreds around the world and paved the way for Dyson’s career as an inventor and engineer of products. When it came to creating his iconic vacuum cleaner, Dyson went through an astonishing 5,127 prototypes before achieving success. He embraces failure as a valuable learning experience, always striving to do better and never settling for mediocrity.

During his appearance, Dyson also showcased his latest invention – a hair dryer that takes extra care of your scalp. Equipped with a time of flight sensor, the dryer adjusts its heat intensity based on the distance from your head, preventing hair damage. Dyson’s attention to detail even extends to recognizing different attachments, ensuring a customized experience for users.

Beyond his engineering endeavors, Dyson revealed that he has a passion for farming. He’s a part-time farmer and even brought some year-round strawberries to share with the audience. Unfortunately, these strawberries are not yet available in the United States, leaving Colbert and the viewers craving a taste of Dyson’s delicious produce.

With his innovative designs and relentless pursuit of improvement, James Dyson continues to captivate audiences and revolutionize the world of technology. Whether it’s making vacuums sexy or reinventing hair dryers, Dyson’s commitment to excellence is palpable. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert provided the perfect platform for Dyson to showcase his remarkable talents and leave everyone in awe of his achievements.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, known for its entertaining and engaging conversations, proved to be an ideal setting for Dyson to discuss his diverse range of inventions and passions. From hand dryers to hair dryers, Dyson’s creativity and dedication to making everyday products better are truly remarkable. As the conversation came to a close, it was clear that James Dyson‘s impact on the world of technology and innovation is far from over.