In a recent appearance on the highly popular talk show, David Letterman, Martin Lawrence opened up about his health and his new film. The renowned comedian, who recently concluded the final season of his television program “Martin,” is now starring in the upcoming film “Nothing to Lose,” which is set to release on July 18th.

During his chat with Letterman, Lawrence expressed his excitement about being on the show once again and reminisced about the five-year run of his iconic TV program. When asked about whether there was a special cliffhanger final episode, Lawrence revealed that there wasn’t. However, he mentioned signing the wall that had the iconic “Do the Right Thing” poster, considering it a legacy he was proud of.

The conversation then turned towards an episode in which Lawrence played basketball with the women from the WNBA. Lawrence admitted that he had initially underestimated their skills but soon realized that the women from the WNBA could indeed play. He even shared how he had played against LoLo Lobo and Suum, and they had beaten him fair and square. Despite the loss, Lawrence emphasized the importance of having fun in the sport.

As the discussion progressed, Letterman brought up a peculiar topic from Lawrence’s past. He remembered a time when women were playing basketball in high-heeled shoes, which Lawrence found amusing. This segued into a conversation about boxing, with Letterman mentioning that Holyfield and Tyson were set to fight. Lawrence, a big fan of both boxers, expressed his admiration for both champions.

The talk show host went on to discuss the series of unusual events that seemed to happen to Lawrence frequently over the past year. Lawrence assured everyone that he was doing fine and thanked his fans for their support. He disclosed that many of the incidents were due to work exhaustion and assured Letterman that he had learned from those experiences.

Lawrence wrapped up the interview by speaking highly of his new film, “Nothing to Lose,” describing it as one of the funniest films of the summer. He expressed his enjoyment of working with the talented and intelligent actor, Tim Robbins, who co-stars in the film. Lawrence expressed his gratitude for the continued support from his fans and emphasized the importance of not believing everything one reads or hears.

With Lawrence’s infectious energy and humor, his appearance on “David Letterman” was undoubtedly a lively and entertaining one. Fans eagerly await the release of “Nothing to Lose” and the next chapter in Lawrence’s successful career.