In a recent episode of the talk show “Alan Carr: Chatty Man,” comedian David Walliams made quite a memorable appearance. The interview started off with a hilarious exchange, as Walliams requested a special drink called a “Caribbean twist” from the host. The cocktail, made with superior white rum, added a futuristic vibe to the conversation.

But the real highlight of the interview came when Walliams revealed some exciting news – he’s become a farmer! With a mischievous grin, he introduced his donkey, named Ellen Ophra after the famous talk show host Alan Titchmarsh. The audience erupted in applause, congratulating Walliams on his new role as a parent.

However, Walliams couldn’t resist adding a touch of humor to the conversation. He said that being a father is not as glamorous as everyone says, and that there were some “interesting” moments during the conception process. The crowd burst into laughter, as Walliams jokingly claimed to have been there during the conception and even helped guide it in!

Naturally, the conversation turned to his friend Simon Cowell and his partner Lauren. Walliams couldn’t help but comment on a particular picture of them smoking. He likened it to the famous monkeys in the PG Tips adverts and shared his funny yet awkward thoughts on the matter.

Moving on from the laughs, Walliams discussed his new sitcom called “Big School,” which has a connection to another popular show he’s been a part of – “Britain’s Got Talent.” Walliams explained that the inspiration for the show came from his fascination with a bell-ringing duo named Gay and Ellen. However, things took a different turn when it was revealed that one of the characters is actually quite glamorous, unlike the original concept.

To give the audience a taste of what to expect from “Big School,” a clip from an upcoming episode was shown. It featured Mr. Church and his love rival, Mr. Gun, squaring up in the shower. The sitcom is set in a school environment, and Walliams pointed out the eccentricities that can be found amongst teachers in real life.

As the interview continued, the topic of sex education arose, as Walliams humorously recalled his own experiences at school. He mentioned watching videos of animals mating and even imitating their actions with his partner, much to the delight of the audience.

The interview concluded with Walliams discussing his recent theater role in a production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” He played the character Bottom, an amateur dramatics actor who gets turned into a donkey. With donkey teeth and all, Walliams wowed the audience with his transformation.

The episode of “Alan Carr: Chatty Man” featuring David Walliams was an entertaining mix of comedy, personal anecdotes, and exciting announcements. Walliams demonstrated his charm and wit, leaving viewers eager to see what he has in store next. So, be sure to catch all the fun and laughter on “Alan Carr: Chatty Man” for your regular dose of entertainment from your favorite celebrities.